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Couponia Supports the Latest Shopify Features

Variant images...check; translation ready...check; responsive checkout...check!

Shopify has recently introduced some new features and Couponia supports them all right out of the box!

Variant Images

You can now select a separate image for every variant your product has. When a new variant is selected on the product page, the gallery image automatically updates to show this image. If a shopper adds that item to the cart, the proper variant image will also show on the cart page.

See this in action

Translation Engine

Your Shopify store is now easily translated into different languages thanks to the new translation engine. The Couponia theme comes with English and French translations out of the box, and you can add your own using a translation interface in your Shopify dashboard. You can also use this area to change text for things like sidebar headings, store messages, and other places throughout your site.